Our retirement planning service is designed to help you plan for a financially independent retirement. We are often able to help our clients retire earlier or enjoy higher levels of income in retirement.

Identifying your needs
The process starts with an exploratory meeting during which we will discuss your immediate requirements and your future plans and objectives.
Assessing your requirements
Following the meeting we will ask you to complete a questionnaire that will collect details of your current finances, including any existing investments, savings, and pension contracts. We will use this information to ensure that any recommendations are affordable and relevant to your situation.
Your answers will be analysed, and a risk profile will be created. You will receive a Retirement Planning Pre-Report which will include an outline of our recommendations, details of our ongoing services and a breakdown of fees. The Pre-report is a crucial step and helps to ensure that the advisor and client are in agreement regarding the extent of the advice required and that the information on which it is based is correct.
Retirement Planning Report
Once agreed, we will send you a detailed Retirement Planning Report. This is a personal recommendation and will include full details of the recommended product(s), Key Investor Information Documents and investment statistics for our recommended funds, and everything that is required to implement our recommendations.
On receipt of your instructions, we will liaise with product and service providers and will set-up contracts and deal with the administration on your behalf.
Ongoing reviews
Regular reviews are essential to ensure that your Retirement Planning remains on target to achieve your objectives. Prior to a review appointment, we will send you up to date pension and investment valuations and a review agenda. During the review meeting we will discuss the performance of your Investment Portfolio, your ongoing attitude to investment risk and any changes in your personal or financial circumstances that may have an impact on your portfolio. Follow-up to the meeting will include any recommended changes to your Investment Portfolio, if appropriate, and will set the timescale for your next review.
Important Information and Risk Warnings
Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount invested. For stocks and shares ISA’s, tax-free means free of Income and Capital Gains Tax in the hands of the investor. Future tax benefits may be different to those prevailing today. In addition to the investment risk outlined above, the unit price of international funds can fall due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.
Almost all financial transactions carry some element of risk. Some of these are highlighted below:
– The value of units or shares can go down as well as up.
– For overseas funds, fluctuations in currency rates can affect the value of your investment.
– Past performance is not a guide to future performance and is no guarantee of future returns.
– You may not get back the amount invested.
– In exceptional circumstances (or if there is a run on a fund holding illiquid or not readily realisable investments) dealings in individual shares, or shares in mutual or other funds, may be suspended for a period of time during which it will not be possible to buy or sell affected shares.
Please note that where past performance figures have been quoted, they do not guarantee future investment growth and should not be used as a guide to future gains.